Peloton | Audio Only

We initially gathered with concept fitness brand Peloton on a project with purpose at its core, which led to us establishing an on-going relationship with the brand. Gather have since undertaken several commercial campaigns, without a diversity focus, yet still provided our signature inclusive crews and championed underrepresented groups in content creation. 

Our brief for Audio Only in app content required Gather to produce visuals to launch 6 new instructors for Peloton globally. We saw this as, a golden opportunity to advance the talent pipeline for sports photography, an area which has severely restricted access for women of colour.

 Using our experience as guidance we were able to challenge traditional ways of working by engaging two female sports photographers. One an emerging talent who is underrepresented as a Black woman in the industry and one female photographer established in her career. We took great care when art buying to find a team who could work collaboratively to achieve a new model of working.

Across our four-day shoot, three days were spent with our emerging photographer shadowing our established photographer, and on the fourth day, they switched roles. Our emerging photographer took the reins on our final day, giving an opportunity for a Black Woman to develop in sports, by leading a commercial campaign shoot with the support of another photographer if needed. 



Production Company: Gather



Photographers: Claire Pepper + Leonie Maya Issac