We gathered with Tesco and BBH London to produce Together this Ramadan

Almost 4 million British Muslims observe Ramadan every year, but few brands acknowledge this holiday beyond superficial references. BBH worked alongside D&I Strategy consultancy The Unmistakables to deliver a campaign that didn’t just acknowledge Ramadan, but celebrated it, every night of the month.

Through our art buying services, Gather were tasked to find a photographer and crew that would reflect this celebration of Muslim faith behind the camera, as well as in front of it.

From within our network, we sourced photographer Khalil Musa, who is both Muslim and was ideally position to portray the campaign message with authenticity. 

We selected Khalill for his strong technical understanding of shooting for Out-of-Home media and worked alongside him to ensure delivery of everything required to execute stills for transitioning digital screens.

Our full-service production brought together a diverse crew of talented team members inclusive of those of Muslim faith for whom collaboration on this project was very meaningful.

The result… award winning work! 

This campaign was Cannes awarded for Cultural Insight and the creative leads at BBH London also received the Creative Team Award by The British Arrows. Gather consider all wins for this campaign a win for working with inclusivity at the heart of content creation.

Production Company: Gather


Photographer: Khalil Musa