Gather delivers value to our clients by harnessing the benefits of working inclusively and collaboratively to produce award winning work


I reached out to Gather given their credentials around diversity and inclusion. From our first call through to the shoot day, Gather went above and beyond on this project, from pulling together a perfect team to executing on the pre-production and shoot day, with some tricky curveballs and timings along the way. It was great to work with a company that genuinely champions the under-represented, and not just from a tokenistic point of view. Equality, diversity and inclusion truly is at the heart of this company.

Lauren Daniels

Production Lead & Partner, BBH London

Gather are a professional, hardworking, and creative bunch. Time wasn't on our side but Gather brought together a talented and inclusive team that meant we went into the shoot in the strongest position. They helped us navigate any complexities throughout the production process and we're delighted with what we created together. I'm already looking forward to working with them again.

Henry Page

Marketing Lead, Headspace

From day one I knew working with Gather would be a different experience. They care about every single detail to make sure all parts are considered, and the right team is behind everything. As a woman, I felt more empowered than ever to create alongside them. A diverse team is always the approach in their case and I’m very thankful we have them changing the way things are done here in the UK.

Carol Sebben

Senior Art Director, Peloton Interactive

Working with Gather has been a pleasure from start to finish. My main positive has been the communication and feedback. Working in advertising with big agencies and clients you don’t always feel involved in the process. Beginning with the commissioning and the production I have felt part of the process every step of the way.

Shamil Tanna

Photographer & Director

With Gather I feel like nothing is too big an ask, there is a sense of efficiency and inherent positivity with Victoria, Virgilia and the wider team. The experience of being on set with Gather is like no other. As a Latinx woman with nearly two decades experience in the creative industry I have never felt a partnership like it.

Sarah Hernandez-Bedford

Producer, W+K

Every single member of the cast and crew on our set were just wonderful, when I describe what a positive set is, that is what working with Gather is like. No egos. Everyone helping everyone. Everyone respecting the huge team effort every shoot is, and that no one person is more important than anyone else on set. Respect.

Rebecca Naen

Photographer & Director

Gather brings everything I could ever ask for to a project; a commitment to inclusive storytelling which requires representation both in front and behind the camera, a sympathetic ear, and above all else a passion for good creative.

Emily Freda Sharp