Inclusion is at the core of every production, it's in our DNA

Our founders use their experiences as women from underrepresented groups in our industry to challenge traditional ways of working. Gather is the soil that great content grows from.

“I’ve worked hard to build the network needed to bring clients together with strategically effective crews…showing brands why having creatives who don’t ‘fit in’ will make them stand out.”

Virgilia is using her vast network and wide-ranging experience to help brands bring some much-needed change to the creative industries. Through Gather she’s determined to help underrepresented creatives bring their unbridled talent and authentic selves to each project.

“I don’t believe anyone should have to hide who they are, and since Gather is determined to show brands the value diverse talent brings to their team, we’re making sure they won’t have to.”

With countless years of experience as both a producer and owner of her own production company, Victoria is making the kind of difference she would have loved to have seen when she started out. Gather is showing brands why they should push for this difference too.